New Cheaper Delivery With FREE Shipping Options For Orders to The UK and Europe!

We’ve just updated our shipping options to make them much simpler as well as making them much cheaper.

We now even have FREE shipping options for orders shipped to the UK and Europe! Standard shipping is free to the UK and Europe for any order with a total weight under 1kg (2,2 lbs).

For orders outside the UK and Europe, the shipping destinations are split in to two “World Zones”. Shipping to each World Zone is slightly different. But these new shipping rates a much cheaper than the previous ones.

Simply add your items to the cart and proceed to the checkout to see what your delivery options are (no account or credit card info required to view shipping costs). Or visit our delivery info page to view the full break down of our shipping rates and policies: Delivery Info Page

New Paint Colour Added! Aquaris Bright Aqua (Light Blue/Turquoise)

We’re excited to announce we’ve added a new colour to our glow in the dark paint range….


Aquaris glows with what we call a “bright aqua” colour. This is essentially a light blue with a slight green tint, kind of like turquoise.

It a pretty unique ethereal glow colour which we think is a perfect for many applications, especially Halloween.

Aquaris is currently available in both 20ml (0.68 fl oz) and 50ml (1.7 fl oz) bottle sizes, with custom amounts also available on request.

Aquaris follows the same principles as our current Aurora paint as we will always ensure our paints adhere to the same stringent standards of being non-toxic, water based, and non-flammable, and all while retaining the strongest glows possible for the different colours we release.

And as with all our products, you get lifetime access to the exclusive SpaceBeams VIP Stencils Membership!

We hope you enjoy this new glow in the dark paint colour. Be sure to keep sending us photos of how you use our paints – we look forward to seeing how everyone uses Aquaris! 🙂

20ml and 50ml Aurora Bottles

New Look, New Bottles

We’ve updated and improved our paint bottles and their label designs!

  • The labels now have a more modern and clean look.
  • The bottles have been changed to a better type more suitable for paint. They have an easy to use flip-cap lid with a tamper-evident seal. No more messy threads on narrow screw-cap lids!
  • What’s even better is the new bottles and caps can be fully recycled, so once you’ve used up all the paint, simply rinse out the bottle and put it in the plastic recycling bin! 🙂

Here’s how our new bottles look… we hope you like the change:

20ml and 50ml Aurora Bottles




Cool Cat VIP Stencil Membership Artwork

Here’s a great example of the results you can achieve with the stencils in the VIP Stencils Membership (membership is free with every SpaceBeams paint purchase).

This “Cool Cat” stencil is one of the harder stencils to work with – there are many detailed and challenging cuts to make. But with a steady hand and some perseverance, you can end up with a fantastic result. There are easier stencil designs to start with first inside the Stencils Membership.

Move the vertical slider left and right over the image below to see how the artwork looks under day light and in the dark!

Also, we’re giving away a sneak-peak in this artwork by showing off a new paint colour we have coming out soon! 😉

We hope you enjoy this stencil art!

Cool Cat Light

Competing Glow In The Dark Paint Comparison

If you’ve never used Aurora paint before, or perhaps even if you have, you may be wondering how it stacks up against other competing glow in the dark paints?

In our various marketing materials we often say that we’ve spent time developing Aurora to have the strongest glows possible and not just be another ‘me too’ glow in the dark paint. We’ve worked extensively with our factories to produce a paint that has a much stronger and longer lasting glow than other glow in the dark paints. Well, it’s time we showed the results of all this effort…

Here’s a competitor comparison time-lapse video showing Aurora vs. 5 competing paints over a 4 hour period (note: Aurora glows for much longer than 4 hours, but we kept the comparison to this length because this is when most of the visible difference in performance between the paints can be seen).

So as you can see from the above video, Aurora beats out the competition by quite a margin!

Three paints barely last an hour, with one not even lasting 15 minutes!! Another lasts about 2 hours which leaves just one remaining with Aurora. The last one (paint ‘D’ in the experiment) holds up well but is still not quite as bright as Aurora.

So, the conclusion? …If you want a truly powerful glow in the dark paint, choose SpaceBeams Aurora! 😉

Note: To keep the test fair, in this experiment the exact same volume of paint was used for each. Some of the paint swatches look a little different in shape, but this is simply because some are more liquid than others and so spread out more after applied.