Cool Cat VIP Stencil Membership Artwork

Here’s a great example of the results you can achieve with the stencils in the VIP Stencils Membership (membership is free with every SpaceBeams paint purchase).

This “Cool Cat” stencil is one of the harder stencils to work with – there are many detailed and challenging cuts to make. But with a steady hand and some perseverance, you can end up with a fantastic result. There are easier stencil designs to start with first inside the Stencils Membership.

Move the vertical slider left and right over the image below to see how the artwork looks under day light and in the dark!

Also, we’re giving away a sneak-peak in this artwork by showing off a new paint colour we have coming out soon! 😉

We hope you enjoy this stencil art!

Cool Cat Light

Glow In The Dark Halloween Slime!

Awesome UK YouTuber Ambi C and her two cousins had fun making home-made Halloween slime!

Her cousins made pink sparkly slime and a blue frog slime, while Amber made glow in the dark slime using Aurora paint. They also threw the ingredients together with style (and mess!) with the popping balloon technique!

Watch the video below to see how they did it and how amazing Aurora paint glows inside slime!!

Have a happy Halloween this year everyone! 🙂


Cool Halloween Glow in the Dark Ideas!

Check out these fun Halloween ideas from YouTube channels The Crafty MomLane Fournerat


DIY Glow in the dark Halloween lanterns:


Bored of carving your pumpkins? Try glow in the dark faces on your pumpkins:


Have fun this Halloween everyone! 🙂

Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner!

It was only a matter of time…

We made a fidget spinner glow in the dark!!

Actually, Aurora glow in the dark paint worked very well for this purpose! Check out the video below to see how great it looks spinning in the dark. The patterns even change with the different speeds the fidget spinner spins at. Didn’t expect that!

We went for simple horizontal lines on each arm of the fidget spinner, but you could paint dots, long lines going down each arm, zigzag lines and more. Experiment with different patterns and let us know what you get – send us photos/videos here of your glow in the dark fidget spinner! 🙂

Watch the video below:

Glow in the dark Easter eggs

Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs!

We had some fun this Easter creating these fabulous glow in the dark Easter eggs:

Aurora paint worked really well mixed with other Acrylic colours on the eggs. And, of course, we had to add some glitter sprinkled over the top!

As a quick tip, should you decide to try this as well, we recommend applying Aurora last and not mixing it in with the other non-glow-in-the-dark paint too much because Aurora’s glow effect diminishes when it gets mixed too much with another paint – especially dark colours as we did here with these eggs.

Hope you enjoy these glow in the dark Easter eggs, and we hope you had a happy Easter!