Aurora paint stirring

Additional Tips for Working with your SpaceBeams Paint

You might be thinking right now that SpaceBeams paint is just another paint, why would you need special instructions for using it. However, in order to achieve the most intense glow there are a few factors to keep in mind when applying it. We have collected some tips for you already, which you can read in our help section, however there are a few more that you might find useful while working with SpaceBeams:

  • Mix

    This is true for all paints, but very important for glow in the dark ones. By mixing the paint you evenly distribute the glow particles throughout, which might have settled at the bottom.

  • Prepare surface

    The surface needs to be dry, clean and free from any grease in order to get a reliable bond. Also if a surface is powdery or crumbly at all, this may prevent a strong bond.

  • For precise work

    It is possible to mix SpaceBeams paints with water in order to make it thinner. Our paints thin very quickly, so only put in a little at a time. However, please remember to apply at least 3mm thickness for the best glow.

  • Seal with varnish for outdoors

    SpaceBeams paints are fairly hardy by themselves once fully dried, but a clear coat can aid with longevity outdoors. So if your creation will decorate your garden or will be facing the elements outside we recommend to seal with a clear varnish to protect it. Not essential, but best to use one without UV blocking. (There are many different brands out there so always do a spot check!)

  • Prevent drying out

    To prevent drying from happening inside an opened bottle where enough paint was previously used, creating an air pocket inside, we recommend putting some plastic-wrap/cling-film that covers the paint surface and prevents the remaining paint from contacting the air and so should make it last longer.

Hope these extra suggestions support you on your creative journey, if you have any questions just get in touch 🙂