New Paint Colour Added! Aquaris Bright Aqua (Light Blue/Turquoise)

We’re excited to announce we’ve added a new colour to our glow in the dark paint range….


Aquaris glows with what we call a “bright aqua” colour. This is essentially a light blue with a slight green tint, kind of like turquoise.

It a pretty unique ethereal glow colour which we think is a perfect for many applications, especially Halloween.

Aquaris is currently available in both 20ml (0.68 fl oz) and 50ml (1.7 fl oz) bottle sizes, with custom amounts also available on request.

Aquaris follows the same principles as our current Aurora paint as we will always ensure our paints adhere to the same stringent standards of being non-toxic, water based, and non-flammable, and all while retaining the strongest glows possible for the different colours we release.

And as with all our products, you get lifetime access to the exclusive SpaceBeams VIP Stencils Membership!

We hope you enjoy this new glow in the dark paint colour. Be sure to keep sending us photos of how you use our paints – we look forward to seeing how everyone uses Aquaris! 🙂

20ml and 50ml Aurora Bottles

New Look, New Bottles

We’ve updated and improved our paint bottles and their label designs!

  • The labels now have a more modern and clean look.
  • The bottles have been changed to a better type more suitable for paint. They have an easy to use flip-cap lid with a tamper-evident seal. No more messy threads on narrow screw-cap lids!
  • What’s even better is the new bottles and caps can be fully recycled, so once you’ve used up all the paint, simply rinse out the bottle and put it in the plastic recycling bin! 🙂

Here’s how our new bottles look… we hope you like the change:

20ml and 50ml Aurora Bottles