Aurora Glow In The Dark Paint

Aurora is Launched!

Our first awesome glow in the dark paint has launched… Aurora Bright Green!

We spent a lot of time sourcing and ensuring we could offer the best glow in the dark paint available… and already the feedback is reflecting this:

Aurora Glow In The Dark Paint“I have several other brands of glow in the dark paint (I just love to make things glow), and this one glows brighter after it is used and dried than any of the others I’ve tried.”

“I would definitely purchase this high quality product again.”

“I feel like it is really well concentrated to give you the best possible glow.”

“…the paint goes on smoothly and works really well…and it is pretty neat!..definitely recommend!”

“To test the glow I just shined my phone’s flashlight on the key for about 10 seconds and then turned out the lights for the picture and the glow was already bright!”

“I love the way this product produces its glow at night.”

“The paint is very bright in the dark night. I have tried Glow in the dark nail art by NPW. But this one [Aurora] is more vivid.”

“This glow in the Dark Paint works wonders on the white walls… Easy to use…no bad smell.”

“Very cool glow in the dark paint!! This stuff is bright, and stays bright for a long time with very short recharge times. Love this…it’s so much fun!”

“I’ve purchased other glow in the dark paints and this is a larger bottle than usual … It is easy to use and dries pretty quickly and glows really bright. It is the best I’ve tried so far!”

“Very nice consistency and does glow bright as well.”

“…it does glow in the dark really well.”

“I put the bottle in the window for a minute to get some light, then took it into a dark closet, and it glowed really well!”

“This paint has been a blast for us … Shines bright in the dark.”

The response so far has been fantastic! Thank you to everyone who has tried Aurora already!

To get yours, head on over to Amazon now:

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