Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.
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Where can I buy Aurora glow in the dark paint?

Currently we only sell Aurora paint via Amazon. Simply put, Amazon provides a world-class shopping experience which is tough to beat elsewhere or with our own fulfillment setup. To buy Aurora, click here and then choose the county flag for the Amazon marketplace you wish to purchase from. IMPORTANT: Be sure to only buy Aurora from our Amazon seller name: “PandoraStocks Ltd” – there are no authorised re-sellers of Aurora, so if you purchase from a different seller on Amazon, you may not get a genuine product.

Who do I contact for customer support?

For order related support issues, such as returns & delivery queries, please contact Amazon customer support directly because they fulfill orders for us and only deal with Amazon shoppers directly to resolve these kind of issues. Here are the Amazon support links for the different country marketplaces: USA | UK | Germany | Spain | France | Italy

For questions about Aurora paint and the SpaceBeams brand, simply reach out to us via our contact form and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What sizes of Aurora are available?

We currently offer Aurora in two bottle sizes: 20ml (0.68 fl. oz.) and 50ml (1.7 fl. oz.)

Please contact us if you need much larger quantities of Aurora.

Can I buy Aurora in larger quantities?

If you wish to purchase larger quantities of Aurora paint, please get in touch with us here.

Is Aurora available in other colours?

At this time we only offer Aurora glow in the dark paint with a bright green glow colour. We have been experimenting with other colours, and are looking to release new colours, but so far none of the solutions have met our requirements when it comes to strong glows. We hope to be able to provide other colours in future with the same strong glow Aurora bright green has.

What Colour is Aurora?

When not glowing, Aurora is an off-white creamy colour with a green tint. When glowing, Aurora is a bright green luminescent colour.

Can Aurora’s colour be changed?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to change the color of Aurora glow in the dark paint’s glow effect (which is bright green). The reason is that the actual particles that give off the glow effect do not absorb added color pigments. However, if you’re just looking to change the color of Aurora under normal lighting (not the glowing color), this can be done with some success using ink from highlighter pens. We made a blog post here showing a video sent in by another Aurora customer who used this technique.

How long will Aurora last?

If looked after, your Aurora handiwork could last decades and successfully maintain it’s ability to glow well.

How long can Aurora’s glow effect last?

How long Aurora’s glow effect lasts depends on two key factors:

  • How thick your Aurora application is, and…
  • How well charged-up it is.

Given the right circumstances, Aurora can glow well for up to 24 hours! However, the glow is at it’s most strongest for the first few hours. After a few hours, when the glow lessens, you may need to let your eyes adjust to the darkness more in order to see how well it is actually still glowing. For example, after washing your hands from painting with Aurora, you may think you have no paint left on your hands, but if you wake up in the middle of the night don’t be surprised to see glowing specks of dried Aurora still on your hands! Even these tiny, almost invisible specks of Aurora paint on your hands will still have a visible glow many hours later. They appear bright enough because your eyes have fully adjusted to the dark.

Can I use Aurora on skin?

While Aurora paint is non-toxic and is safe when in contact with skin, we do not recommend it to be used on skin because a purpose made body-paint would be better for this. Aurora isn’t intended for this use and so may irritate some skin types. You can test a small area to check first, but even so, we recommend finding a more suitable glow in the dark body-paint for this use.

Why is Aurora paint so thick?

Straight out of the bottle, Aurora paint is fairly thick in consistency. This can be surprising at first, but it’s deliberate and for a very good reason. Aurora’s superior glows are due to a higher concentration of the particles which create the glow effect. When developing Aurora we found this created significantly better glows. Other brands dilute their paint too much which negatively affects their ability to glow. Aurora is water-based and so keeping Aurora thicker/more-concentrated gives the user more options. You can either keep it thick, or if you need a more liquid consistency for detailed work, you can simply thin Aurora down with water. Aurora thins quickly, so add only single drops of water at a time until the desired consistency is obtained. Aurora will still dry in the same way and the glow will not be negatively impacted.

Why do I not get a strong glow effect?

There are a few key factors which can greatly effect how well glow in the dark paint will glow, and each situation can be a little different. Check the points below to find the solution for you:

  1. As with all glow in the dark paints, thickness of your application will make a big difference. A thin layer will mean less particles are present for holding a charge and giving off a glow. We recommend applying as thick a layer as possible (3mm+). If you have watered down Aurora when painting, this rule applies even more so.
  2. Glow in the dark paint requires good exposure to light during the day in order to properly ‘charge up’. If the paint is in too dark a place, the glows are likely to be fairly weak.
  3. UV light is far superior at charging glow in the dark paint, as opposed to home-lighting bulbs. So exposure to sun light will make a huge difference (and the longer the better). It doesn’t necessarily need to be in direct sunlight, but close to a bright and sunny area should be sufficient.
  4. If the area you’ve painted is not near a well lit area during the day, you may need to manually charge up the paint using a flashlight. A strong standard flashlight will work for this, however a UV flashlight will work significantly better. Pointing the UV flashlight’s beam directly on the painted area for 15-30 seconds should provide ample glow (the amount of time required will vary based on the strength of the UV flashlight).
  5. Aurora can actually glow for a very long time (up to 24 hours), but after the first few hours it’s glow will be more subtle (the length of time for the glow to become more subtle will vary depending on how thick and how well charged up it was). So after a few hours, when the glow is more subtle, if you’re coming from a bright area and your eyes have not yet adjusted to the darkness, it may not be as easy to tell if Aurora is still glowing because your eyes have not adjusted to the darkness. So, as simple as it sounds, always wait a minute or two to allow your eyes to adjust to the dark.
  6. Having Aurora painted on a lighter background color can make a difference to the appearance of the glow. A dark background may dull the glow a bit. However, if your application is a decent thickness (3+mm), this shouldn’t be much of an issue. Although a white undercoat may still be beneficial in some situations.

What is the best way to charge-up Aurora?

UV light is far superior to other light sources at charging glow in the dark paint. If where you have painted Aurora is not near a well lit area from natural sun light, you may need to manually charge up the paint using a UV flashlight. A UV flashlight will actually improve Aurora’s glow effect in most situations. Pointing the UV flashlight’s beam directly on the painted area for 15-30 seconds should provide a strong glow for many hours.

Will Aurora hold up for outdoor use?

Aurora is actually pretty hardy by itself. To give an example, we entered some rubber ducks in to a charity duck race which had been painted over with Aurora, and after a long time in a pretty rough river, no Aurora paint had come off at all! So this was a good test for Aurora’s durability outside. However, we still recommend a clear coat varnish over the top to ensure the longest lasting application possible. And as long as it’s clear, Aurora’s glow will not be effected.

Can Aurora be thinned?

Aurora is water based and so it can be easily thinned with water. Simply place some paint in a small container and add single drops of water, stirring each time, until the desired consistency is obtained. Aurora thins quickly so only add water drop by drop. Aurora will still dry in the same way and work just as effectively. Thinning Aurora can be useful for detailed work, and some other applications, a more runny consistency may be required. When thinning Aurora it’s important to note that the final application still needs to be thick (ideally 3+mm) to get the best and longest lasting glow effect.

Will Aurora work for gun sights?

Yes, we’ve had a number of customers contact us to say they had great success using Aurora for their gun sights.

Does Aurora work on glass?

Yes, Aurora glow in the dark paint works and adheres well on glass. As always, ensure the surface is as clean and dry as possible before painting.

How long does it take Aurora to dry?

The amount of time it takes Aurora paint to dry will vary depending on how thick you’ve painted it. A very thin layer will dry in 10-20 minutes, a medium thickness will dry in 30-60 minutes, and a very thick layer (3mm or more) may take up to 2-3 hours to dry.

Is Aurora water resistant?

Aurora, once fully dry, can hold up against water fairly well. However, if it is continuously exposed to water it would be best to varnish over with a clear cost to ensure a longer lasting application.

Is Aurora non-flammable?

Aurora is non-flammable.

Is Aurora invisible/clear during daylight?

If applied very thinly, Aurora can be harder to see against light-coloured backgrounds. However, to get the best glows Aurora needs to be thick and when thick it is much more opaque and so it’s colour is more visible which will appear as an off-white with green tint colour.

What is in Aurora glow in the dark paint?

Strontium oxide (SrO) is present as a major constituent, alongside oxides of other elements such as aluminium and europium.

Is Aurora non-toxic?

Yes, Aurora paint is non-toxic. However, as with all paints, you must NOT ingest Aurora, get Aurora near your eyes, mouth or a sore, and children MUST be supervised when painting with Aurora.

Do you need UV light to get Aurora to glow?

UV light is not required to make glow in the dark paint glow, however UV light is far more effective than a standard lightbulb. UV light also needs significantly less time to ‘charge up’ the paint and creates a stronger, longer-lasting glow. For a decent UV LED flashlight, just 15-30 seconds of exposure to the UV beam will provide a very strong and long lasting glow. We recommend a UV flashlight with at least 21 LEDs and a lower NM wavelength.

Can Aurora be painted on shoes or fabric?

Yes! We’ve had quite a few customers use Aurora on shoes/clothing with great success. Check out the shares on our Facebook page for some great examples.

Can Aurora be mixed with other acrylic paints?

Mixing Aurora with other acrylic paint does dramatically lessen the glow unfortunately. We’ve experimented with this a number of times, and we’ve found you really have to keep Aurora separate from being mixed with thick paints (especially dark colours). It’s possible to blend Aurora in while all the paints are still wet, and as long as a good amount of Aurora remains un-mixed in the process, it can still glow effectively. You can actually see an example of this on a post on our SpaceBeams Facebook page where we painted eggs for Easter and mixed/blended Aurora with other (quite dark) acrylic paints. On the eggs Aurora glows well, but as soon as it starts to blend/mix with the other paint, the glow lessens considerably. The post can be found here.