Glow In The Dark Paint – Bright Green

  • Longest Glows

    Aurora’s glow lasts the longest – One quick charge will last all night long! In our tests Aurora can glow for up to 24 hours if used properly (3+mm thickness) and charged well under UV light (direct sunlight or a UV flashlight).

  • Ultra Bright

    Aurora has the brightest glows – we’ve created what we believe is simply the best glow in the dark paint available, bringing you the bright glows you’ve been wishing for!

  • Non-Toxic & Safe

    Aurora is a non-toxic, non-flammable, water based paint so you can rest easy knowing it’s safe to use.

  • Works On Many Surfaces

    SpaceBeams paints will work with a wide range of surfaces, e.g. plastic, wood, glass, fabric, metal, other paint, rock, and more! (quick tip: first test a small area of a new surface).

  • Customer Approved!

    Everyone is loving Aurora! But don’t take our word for it. Check out the glowing reviews below and all over Amazon globally.

With Aurora you can recreate beautiful memories from when you were a child, everyone remembers the first time they saw something glowing in the night!

Aurora by SpaceBeams is a non-toxic glow in the dark paint which uses top grade europium-doped aluminate oxide pigments in durable & ultra-adhesive acrylic solution. This paint can’t be beaten on both strength and duration of its glows. One strong charge can create glows that last until morning! Even when viewed very closely Aurora’s glow is as smooth as can be with zero graininess, unlike competing brands!

For best results, common to all glow in the dark paints, apply thickly (ideally 3mm+), preferably on lighter backgrounds, and charge for a few seconds with a strong light source (ideally a UV flashlight or direct sunlight).

If Aurora is cared for, a painted surface will charge up endlessly without loss of glows for years!

Aurora glows brightly whether wet or dry. However, for use outdoors it’s best to varnish over as this will protect it from moisture degradation. Once dried, Aurora lasts longest on hard, rigid surfaces. Not recommended for skin and hair.

We formulated Aurora to be thick for maximum glows. This gives you the option to retain that thickness or, for more detail orientated work when a thinner consistency is required, you can thin with water as desired. Be sure to only add one drop of water at a time because Aurora can thin quite quickly.

Aurora can be cleaned easily with soapy water. However Aurora dries quickly, so don’t leave brushes out for long without rinsing them.

In general Aurora will dry within 30-60 minutes. However, very thick applications may need longer than an hour.

Non-Toxic | Water Based | Non-Flammable

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Customer Comments:

“this is a larger bottle than usual. … easy to use and dries pretty quickly and glows really bright. It is the best I’ve tried so far!”

“This paint glows very brightly. I got Aqua Blue and Neon Green glow powders from [removed] about a year ago and this paint glows brighter and greener than either of them.”

“My kids where very excited to receive this. … It really glows quite bright.”

“Once it is charged it glows for longer than the craft store glow paint. It is also not as gritty once it has dried as other glow paints are. … Aurora takes less layers than other brands. So far no chipping or wear off.”

“…one of the coolest things you should have for the home … After exposed to a light source this paint glows bright for a very long time. … I held the bottle up to a bare light bulb for around 5 seconds, staying lit afterwards for almost 2 hours.”

“This is great! I didn’t know they made a paint this good… WOW! it really does glow brightly after a brief exposure to bright light and then turning the lights off and it really does keep glowing for a long time!”

“I have several other brands of glow in the dark paint (I just love to make things glow), and this one glows brighter after it is used and dried than any of the others I’ve tried.”

“I really like this green and I would definitely purchase this high quality product again.”

“This is AMAZING!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!!! I bought this for my mom to see the remote at night, and it glowed all night! I love this stuff!!!”

“Great product! Glows really well. Very impressed with how well it worked, will order again.”

So Many Uses!

  1. Easter Eggs
    Easter Eggs
  2. Spell Book
    Spell Book
  3. Plush Toy
    Plush Toy
  4. Fidget Spinner
    Fidget Spinner
  5. Skateboard
  6. Gun Sights
    Gun Sights
  7. Hoodies
  8. Heart of Tefiti Stone
    Heart of Tefiti Stone
  9. Lego Ship
    Lego Ship
  10. Memorial Stone
    Memorial Stone
  11. Model Pirate Ship
    Model Pirate Ship
  12. Rubber Duck
    Rubber Duck
  13. Shoes
  14. T-Shirts
  15. House Key
    House Key
  16. Art Work
    Art Work