Vivien Szaniszlo

Vivien Szaniszlo


I am a self-taught surreal painter based in Hungary. Mostly I express myself through portraits of women and complex woman paintings; usually I use vivid colors to speak through my brushstrokes. I love to put a dark twist in my art; one of the most important thing is for me to motivate people to think with my paintings. Usually I work with oil and watercolor, but I like getting to know new materials as well. It is always challenging when people start new things. At the very first time, when I painted with “glow-in-the-dark colors”, I loved every single minute! It seemed like an exciting journey to another world, it was like some kind of magic to me.

After the first tests, I thought, it can be a good thing if my paintings will be colorful in the night just like in the daylight. And then I wanted to put a meaning and interesting twist in them. I had an idea; I would like to create pictures that are not the same in the daytime as in the darkness. In this case, I can smuggle two paintings in one. I try to hide a secret in every piece that shows clearly only when the sun goes down.

Works Incorporating SpaceBeams Paints

Move the sliders to see dark vs. light versions

Birth of Sun - Vivien Szaniszlo Birth of Sun - Vivien Szaniszlo

Birth of Sun

Alice - Vivien Szaniszlo Alice (Glowing) - Vivien Szaniszlo


Moonlight shadow - Vivien Szaniszlo Moonlight shadow (Glowing) - Vivien Szaniszlo

Moonlight Shadow

The Lonely Company - Vivien Szaniszlo The lonely company (Glowing) - Vivien Szaniszlo

The Lonely Company

Queen Bee (Light) - Vivien Szaniszlo Queen Bee (Glow) - Vivien Szaniszlo

Queen Bee

Vivien Szaniszlo - Gaia (Light) Vivien Szaniszlo - Gaia (Glow)


Vivien Szaniszlo Painting with Nebula