Becky Smith

Becky Smith

United Kingdom

Becky Smith a talented artist who is driven by her versatility in mediums, ranging from aluminium sheets, Perspex mirrors, to her latest range of layered Perspex pushing her art into a new realm. Using SpaceBeam’s glow in the dark paints to illuminate her natural inspired works at night has become a signature style of the artist as she incorporates them throughout her ever changing and developing portfolio.

Works Incorporating SpaceBeams Paints

Move the sliders to see dark vs. light versions

Butterfly Effect - Becky SmithButterfly Effect (Glowing) - Becky Smith

Butterfly Effect

Journey to the Centre of the Galaxy - Becky SmithJourney to the Centre of the Galaxy (Glowing) - Becky Smith

Journey to the Centre of the Galaxy

Freefalling - Becky SmithFreefalling (Glowing) - Becky Smith


Cosmic Visions – Becky SmithCosmic Visions (Glowing) – Becky Smith

Cosmic Visions

Into The Unknown - Becky SmithInto The Unknown (Glowing) - Becky Smith

Into The Unknown

A Full Moon - Becky SmithA Full Moon (Glowing) - Becky Smith

A Full Moon